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06:00pm 25/10/2004
  so i started this community to state the fact that oliver james is really hot. but i"m trying to avoid the typical teenage gilr panting and screaming if they ever saw him and also pictuers of him in my room would ruin my decor. hence the title oj-is-hot. that way if anyone thinks orange juice is hot the must join. (i was kindaof thinking of addie thinking orangejuice is hot.)and if you don't think orange juice is hot than think of something that has the initials oj and join my community. now. please.( also oliverjamesishot wouldn't fit as a community name. ) ( and oj-is-hot is more origianl anyway, so ha!) (also that wasn"t supposed to be one of those dumb smily faces it was just an exclamation piont, followed by an end parentheses)  

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07:20pm 22/10/2004
  so me and becca and beth and erica went to go see raise your voice on thursday. ( i know i know, i don't really want to talk about the fact that i paid money to see a hilary duff movie. i just wanted that feel good feeling you get after an awfully corny movie.) (erica nad beth actually wanted to see it. and becca came for kicks.) point being good came out of evil because we realized just how wonderfully hot oliver james is. i mean, he saved the whole movie by being so hot. i mean, he is hot. the end.  

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